About Me

My husband and I

My two dogs

Hi everyone! My name is Julie and I reside in beautiful and historic Bucks County, PA.

I have a wonderful husband of 33 years and three beautiful daughters. I enjoy traveling and and am the official label designer and taste tester for our home winery aptly named after our two dogs - Axl-Rock Winery. I have always had an artistic and creative ability. Recently, I decided to share my skills with others who seek that unique and one of a kind decor for their home, condo or apartment.. For over 30 years I have worked on D.I.Y. projects throughout our home: kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, bedrooms, tiling, furniture, and mirrors, just to name a few. There is not a DIY challenge that I have not been willing to try.

Recently, I have researched and focused on Up-Cycling furniture for home decor. This work has been personally and professionally rewarding and become a favorite endeavor of mine. I enjoy locating old discarded items and turning them into new, useful upscale decor for the home. Nothing is more satisfying than turning someone else's discarded materials into a beautiful piece of furniture that is one of a kind and a certain conversation piece. Several months ago my daughter showed me a picture of a metal jewelry holder she wanted for her bedroom wall. Although is was cute, it lacked several elements that would make it not only decorative, but functional as well. Having worked in retail jewelry for over 25 years, I understand how to properly display jewelry for ease of use. I thought about and proceeded to design a product that would be functional, unique and focused on the "wow" factor of the jewelry. The end result was my personal, one of a kind, hanging jewelry box. The results were exceptional and exceeded all expectations. My daughter was thrilled and soon all her friends were seeking a similar, yet uniquely designed jewelry box that only they would possess. Thus, Jewel's Attic Shoppe was born! Handmade, One of a Kind Up cycled, Hanging Jewelry Boxes for every type of jewelry you may own. These boxes will accommodate, post earrings, necklaces of any length, bracelets, hoop earrings, rings etc. Every piece is made out of salvaged/recycled wood items with the exception of the nails and cup holders/hooks. Each piece is one-of a kind and because my designs utilize recycled materials, I am also helping our environment by keeping these products out of a landfill. Up-cycling these materials is gratifying in many ways and enables me to have the ability to create and share a new future for something that was previously useless and neglected. These personal collections are stylish, unique and can be made in many different colors and styles at your request. If you see one you like, but prefer a different color or finish it can be changed upon request for an additional fee and 72 hours advance notice. I hope you all enjoy my work as much as I do and thank you so much for your support.